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About Stonehurst Elementary School


Stonehurst Elementary School has been serving the community in our current location since 1942.  We are committed to our goal, that all students can excel to their maximum potential and become literate, responsible, confident, well-rounded, life-long learners, in a safe, caring and supportive school environment.

In 2019 Stonehurst joined the Leader in Me family of schools.  Based on the Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the Leader in Me teachers students how to set goals, track their progress towards attainment of those goals and empowers students to take responsibility of their own learning.

In 2018 we became a STEAM Magnet for our first through fifth grade students.  At Stonehurst STEAM Magnet students discover, create and inspire.

In 2008 we were awarded the California Distinguished School award in recognition of our exemplary achievement.

Academic excellence is what you can expect at Stonehurst Elementary and STEAM Magnet.  We are excited to present amazing opportunities full of individualized success and learning for our students.

Our Gardens

Picture of vegetables

Our school gardens provide the perfect outdoor learning opportunities for our students.  We have a raised-bed garden, a butterfly garden, a hummingbird haven, as well as a native garden. There is so much to explore, discover, learn, and enjoy in our gardens!


Our school offers after school learning opportunities with ROBOTICS.  Students learn how to build and code robots.  They learn the importance of collaborating and teamwork.  


The STEAM lab provides students with opportunities to investigate and learn about the world around them.  After working in the gardens, students might bring samples to the lab and identify their findings using lab tools such as microscopes, test tubes, magnifying glasses, and technology devices.  Students are encouraged to be creative, to communicate, and to collaborate with one another.  They learn by problem-solving and through hands-on activities.  Our students are given opportunities to build structures using blocks, straws, Legos, and other materials. They explore coding robots and build machines powered by solar energy.  They learn about gravity by building rollercoasters and marble runs. The STEAM lab is an exciting and fun place where students incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Art. 

Picture of students in aquaponics labAquaponics Cycle Chart
Aquaponics Lab

Our school's Aquaponics Lab is an amazing place to learn.  Students learn about ecosystems, life cycles, and symbiotic relationships. They learn how to take care of Mozambique Tilapia fish and in the process, they also learn about responsibility and stewardship.             


Learning to play an instrument is not only fun, but it also helps to increase math comprehension, as well as spatial and pattern recognition.

Ms. Lori Kozubek is our orchestra teacher and oversees the Stonehurst Music Program.  She can be reached at  [email protected].

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